Home Safety :Ways to Prevent Pellet Smoker Fire Damage in Your Home

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It is a wide-known fact that pellet smokers are a clean-burning tool but that doesn’t make it safer than any other heating equipment in your house. Heating equipment is the most common reason behind household fires and one must take extra precautions while using one such equipment inside your home. Here are a few ways in which you can protect your home from catching fire when using a pellet smoker:

Don’t compromise on the quality

One of the most common reasons for house fires when using a pellet smoker is the usage of low-quality pellets. Never go for cheap pellets as they aren’t of good quality and might cause a fire in your house. It is always best to buy pellet from a secondary pellet manufacturer as their pellets are bound to be made from a quality wood. You also need to make sure that you store your pellet carefully, in a dry condition to be able to use them without any incidents.

Clean your pellet smoker regularly

A lot of times fires occur because the fly ash gets trapped in the ash flute or the burn pot’s air holes have become clogged. All these blockages and clogging can cause a fire to build inside the smoker which can then spread to the hopper and cause a serious damage to both your pellet smoker and its surrounding area. This makes it important that you clean your pellet smoker regularly to avoid such blockages and maintain your smoker regularly.

Install a pellet stove battery backup

A lot of times your pellet smoker might start working during a power outage which could be dangerous for you and your home. This is because a lack of electricity means that your smoker is still burning from the inside but its motor is not running. This leads to smoke spreading in the room and leaving a sticky, pungent soot which can enter your lungs and harm you. The best way to prevent this is by installing a pellet stove battery backup which will store the AC power so that when the light turns out, your smoker will work with the help of the backup battery.

Check for damages regularly

Make sure that you get regular professional check-ups for your pellet smoker as this will help you in keeping one step ahead if there are any damages or rusting. Pellet smokers produce creosote which can get accumulated in the exhaust vent and if a fire occurs in this event, it will easily spread to the rest of the house. Cheap pellet smokers are dangerous so, get a regular inspection done to avoid any such risks. Else, you can check best pellet grill 2017 to make your choice make clear and safer.

Maintain clearance from combustibles

Another common cause of house fires is the inadequate clearance from combustibles. You will see the minimum clearance from combustibles, fuel vent, exhaust vent and so in mentioned in your instruction manual. So, make sure you follow this clearance and fit a spark guard at the end of the venting so as to protect the surrounding areas from catching fire.

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