About Luke

Hi, I’m Luke Vernon.  From my early ages, I’ve been an Eco-Patriot and firm believer that we need to take care of our planet for future generations.  It pains me to see pollution.  I hate that composting and recycling isn’t ubiquitous around the country (and world).  I am scared of global warming and the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.  And I wish I had a solution to the all of the massive water problems (shortage, sanitation, etc.) in the world.

Aside from those sentiments, I’ve been in and around the recycling and composting industries for a number of years.  From 2004-2013, I was COO of Eco-Products, the nation’s leading brand of sustainable foodservice products, based in Boulder.  The company makes a complete line of foodservice products (cups, plates, food containers, and eating utensils) from renewable resources and recycled materials.  I helped the company grow from less than $1M to over $75M in 9 years and create an industry around compostable products.  I was also on the Board of Directors of the Biodegradable Products Institute for nearly 4 years and involved in various recycling and composting initiatives in the foodservice industry.

I am also the founder of Luke’s Circle, a network and email list of talented professionals seeking opportunities in Boulder-Denver growth companies.  It connects the area’s leading employers to a circle of qualified professionals and also provides those professionals with direct access to the latest local opportunities.

In my heart, I’m a startup junkie and advisor.  I love being around startups and helping them refine and execute their strategies.  I do this through my involvement as an advisor to a number of startups as well as my involvement as a Mentor at TechStars.

Prior to Eco-Products, I was a consultant for Deloitte living in New York City.  I have an MBA from the University of Colorado, a BS from Cornell University where I played basketball for the Big Red, and I was an entrepreneurship fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

On a personal note, I’m the lucky husband to a beautiful and talented woman named Brie and the lucky father to a wonderful little girl named Cora Rose and a son named Kierian.  They have a knack for keeping me sane when I work too hard, and they help me realize what’s truly important in life.  On the weekends, we can typically be found on the hiking trails around Boulder.

At home, we compost and recycle as much as we can.  We’re fortunate in Boulder to have a residential compost pickup on a biweekly basis with our trash service.  We dispose of all our food waste in our compost cart and have nearly eliminated the need for a trash can.

Another picture of my kids… they are too cute to resist.


Everything you read on this blog is my own thoughts and opinions.  The postings on this site in no way represent any group, company, or organization I’m associated with.  I am not getting paid by anyone to write this blog.  It’s merely a personal ambition.  If you have any questions or issues with any of my postings, please post a comment.